TODO HTTP API Requirements

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Functional Requirements
– The TODO HTTP API lets a client create, read, update, and delete to-do tasks.
– A task has a title, description, importance (low, normal – default, high), optional due date and
can be completed or active.
– Multiple tasks can be deleted at once.
– Completed tasks should be soft-deleted.
– The task can exist within a list(s) only. The list is a container of tasks. The client may use lists to semantically
organized/categorize tasks.
– There are two types of lists exist in the application: smart and custom.
 Smart Lists are lists that exist within the application and cannot be deleted by the client. The
following smart list should preexist within the application:
o All tasks (includes all tasks created by the user)
o Planned tasks (which have a due date set)
o Important tasks (which have “Important” flag set)
o Today’s tasks (due date = today)
 Custom Lists – created by clients. It can be deleted, updated by the client.
– A single task can be associated with multiple smart lists (at least one) and a single custom list only.
– The list should have a setting to not return completed tasks.
– It should be possible to rename existing lists (except for smart ones)
– It should be possible to configure default sort by (Ascending/Descending) for any type of list by:
o Importance (low => normal => high)
o Due date
o Completed flag
o Alphabetically
o Creation date
– Configured sort order should be applied to any query for tasks within a list.
– It should be possible to search for tasks by name across all lists

Non-Functional Requirements
– Please document the API with the OpenAPI.
– Please create a private project in Azure DevOps with git repo and do all the development there.
– It should be possible to compile code right after cloning the repo.
– The solution must have unit tests. All tests should pass. Make sure that test have any sense.
– Detailed instruction on how to set up a solution including dependencies (in case of any) and how
to make it up and running should be provided as a markdown readme file in the root of the repo.
– .net core 3.1 and c# 8.0 will be a plus.
– When implementing HTTP API try to conform with the