Skill up. Succeed. Repeat.

Online, on-demand courses make skilling up more convenient than ever. But learning on your own can also hold new challenges. Here’s how to set yourself up for success.

5 tips for learning online
1. Set a goal. Focus on what you’re trying to achieve.
2. Be selective. Find a course that matches your skill level.
3. Don’t burn out. Start small — maybe 30 minutes a week.
4. Find support. Ask a friend to help you stay on track.
5. Stay engaged. Practice what you’re learning as you go.
Learners are
more likely to achieve a goal just by writing it down.
more likely to achieve a goal if they tell someone else about it.
Words from a pro
Build your self-paced learning habit by planning dedicated course time that works with your schedule.
– Jess Alderman, Learning Designer at Udemy
Skills to stay motivated
Personal success Confidence Habit building
Skills to stay productive
Time management Goal setting Organization
Skills to stay engaged
Focus Memory